Electric Vehicle Frame

After finals I was able to really get working on the go cart. Today I finished 90% of the frame – its still missing a seat and steering wheel – but I decided to give it a test ride down our slightly sloped road.

Now I need to add the electronics (motors/batteries/fuses…)

Somehow during the design process I had neglected to pay close attention to the steering. If you watch carefully in the video you might see it  – the steering is backward. When I turn left the cart goes right and vice versa. It does make it fun to ride, though.

Here are some photos of the frame:

(that is just a piece of scrap aluminum acting as the steering wheel)

image image_2 image_4 image_6 image_8


1 thought on “Electric Vehicle Frame

  1. hey ben, its cool to see that your shank aluminum has turned into the electric vehicle. Let me know how the full thing goes.

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