Electric Vehicle CADing

Inspired by the great work of other fantastic electric vehicle makers I have started working on my first electric vehicle.

With the help of Solidworks I have started creating some CAD models of want the cart will look like.

This one is my favorite


Some of the early renders



And towards the end of the design:


The frame is going to be built largely out of 80/20 and the plates are cut out of 3/16″ sheets of aluminum with a water jet.

The general specs right now are:

  • 8s2p 20C Turnigy LiPo pack
  • 2x Turnigy 5065-236k Outrunners
  • 2x 24V 500W Brushless E-bike & Scooter ControllerWith Hall
  • 6″ FIRST Wheels – still working on gear ratio

Stay tuned for further details


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