Virtual Machine

Have you ever wanted to build a virtual machine?  Perhaps you have a reason or just want to be able to say you can. Maybe you want to because it is faster than switching between partitions? Whatever your reason creating one has never been easier.

Download the software from:

Once it is installed all you need is a complete operating system on something like a DVD or flash drive and the fun begins.

Click “New” and as the Wizard pop us hit continue.

Select your operating system and version.

Choose the amount of RAM (while you can go over stay within the green).

Make a new hard disk with a fixed size, keep in mind that the operating system will use up a portion of it so make the minimum size around 20GB.

First, though, a box will come up asking you about the type of file you want for the virtual disk. Just leave it at VDI.

The hard drive will then be created. Now insert you disk/flash drive with the OS and hit “start” on the top bar. From this point on the screen that comes up will act and function like a normal computer. Image that you are installing the OS for the first time.

Microsoft Vista running on OS X 10.6


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